Smartphones Will Render Compact Digital Cameras Extinct By 2015

Kwalee believe they have developed a social multiplayer gameplay mechanic that will revolutionise the way players compete with their photos.

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire David Darling of Kwalee( ) predicted some time ago that the console era of gaming was all but over in its traditional disc format, announcing on his blog that "consoles have become like dinosaurs heading for extinction." The recent downgrading of Sony's Fitch debt rating to 'junk' status as reported by the Wall Street Journal is an all but clear sign that the electronics superpower has slipped, and David Darlings predictions may be coming true given that a huge chunk of their business is based around the Playstation console and handheld variations.

Eastman Kodak's filing for bankruptcy( ) protection is another sign that the landscape is also changing in the photo industry. Kodak have been around since the early 1900's and are seen as a brand that captured the world with groundbreaking technology and marketing campaigns coining the phrase 'a Kodak moment'. Times have changed as technology advances, and as in the past where Kodak saw the film industry rapidly digitalise and leave them behind, David Darling predicts that camera technology in smartphones is so advanced now they will render compact digital cameras effectively extinct by 2015.

Kwalee have announced that they are working on a revolutionary new iOS game that uses the iPhone's camera. The project internally known as project 'Silver' is an innovative new way for consumers to use, share and 'compete' with their personal and sourced photo collections. The developers of the game are looking to build a platform for users to not only continue sharing their lives via images but to do so whilst being involved and competing in a community of people all doing the same thing and having fun with it at the same time.

The signs of the demise of the compact digital camera are there to be seen with Nokia announcing the release of the 808 Pureview smartphone( ) containing a 41 million mega pixel camera which is a higher resolution than most costly SLR cameras. Proof again that the technology is now good enough to allow full integration of what would usually be an extra device to carry around. "People simply prefer having one device in their pocket these days. Project Silver is going to revolutionise the way players use their iPhone's camera and the way in which they share and compete with those images " David Darling, Kwalee CEO

According to US data analyst firm IDC, 2012 will be the year the smartphone overtakes the digital camera, recent data shows there are over 1.4 billion images coming from our mobile phone devices — and over 600 million of those images being shared on social-media networks such as Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. Further research by reports that Apple's iPhone 4S is already the most popular camera phone within the Flickr community.

We wait with great expectation to see if the CEO of Kwalee, David Darling is wielding his mystic and perhaps controversial crystal ball again or if he's way off the mark, only time will tell.


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