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Small Businesses Now Have Access To A Virtual Marketing Director

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Small businesses across the nation can now have access to a multitude of resources to assist them in becoming more profitable, efficient and achieve exponential growth in business development. Parker Consulting is now offering their marketing, public relations, and small business development coaching at project based rates. This new project based rate structure allows small businesses the convenience of investing in only the services that are needed to make their business achieve unlimited growth potential.

Previously small businesses in need of a little extra business coaching such as digital marketing support or sales coaching had two choices, hire an inexpensive person claiming to be a marketing consultant or hire an expensive marketing agency. The person claiming to be a marketing consultant asks several scripted questions and provides a "one size fits all" marketing solution while the expensive digital marketing agency would provide a gamma of expensive services not needed by the small business owner. Parker Consulting is providing small business "growth coaching" as an affordable solution for the small business owner that is simply too busy running their own business but cannot afford an expensive marketing agency.

Start-up businesses, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses can now afford to have a marketing director, public relations manager and business development coach without having to hire full-time. Many of these small businesses might simply need a little extra help building a website, writing web content, designing marketing material or starting a video marketing campaign. They may not require full-time support but just need a little extra help to ensure they reflect the same professional appearance as their big business competitors. As well, many small business owners are looking for a marketing or business coach that offers one-on-one business coaching that is unique to their special business problem. Business challenges need to be addressed personally rather than by someone pitching the latest basic business workbook. Parker Consulting offers individual assistance to these businesses 7 days/ week at a project based rate that is affordable to even the smallest of small businesses. Whether these businesses need a marketing coach, SEO for their new website to gain sales conversion or a virtual marketing director to handle all marketing needs, Parker Consulting now offers a solution.

With the services offered by Parker Consulting to small businesses across the nation, the small business owner can now have all of the professional marketing resources that are available to nationwide "big business" corporations. For more information visit or call 515-984-0443 (7 days / week)

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