Small Business Tools: How To Open A Cupcake Business By Kristi Newhouse

Kristi Newhouse has just completed a new book titled How to open a Cupcake Business.

Help For Cupcake Business Owners
Kristi Newhouse has just compiled a series of articles into a new about titled How to open a Cupcake Business. The book is schedule to hit book stores by mid fall and will also be available on Kindle before the start of the Christmas shopping season.

How to Open a Cupcake business will serve as an official how guide for small business owners interested in venturing into the world of commercial baking. The book will cover how to create intriguing business cards, advertising materials, a website, supplies and ingredients. In the book readers will also get step by step instructions on how to purchase supplies, buying cupcake pans, liners, sprinkles, frosting tips, wrappers and packaging materials.

How To Develop a Cupcake Brand
How to open a Cupcake business will also cover marketing strategies like how to create a catchy name and logo for new locations. Additional topics will include, but not limited to, hiring a graphic artist to help a memorable logo, and packaging design materials.

In a recent interview with Kristi Newhouse she provided several helpful tips designed to help small business owners not only get their locations open, but profitable in fraction of the time experienced with traditional start-ups.

"Once you've secured the commercial kitchen, begin designing your cupcakes. Find inspiration online to help you develop ideas for your cupcake business. Cupcakes are beloved by many and are perfect for a variety of events, celebrations and holidays. Think about baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, promotions, birthday parties, Girl's Night Ins, work or corporate luncheons and holiday get-togethers. Then take pictures of your work to post on your blog or website. Practice until you can replicate your recipes time and again to ensure consistency in your cupcakes."

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