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SLAM Strategy's Client Facebook Campaign Reaches Lifetime Highest Facebook Reach and Engagement

In a highly successful social media Adelaide campaign, SLAM Strategy led to a record reach and engagement on Facebook for a client's online business.

In a highly successful social media Adelaide campaign, SLAM Strategy led to a record reach and engagement on Facebook for a client's online business.

Recognised as a leading Internet marketing firm in and around Adelaide, SLAM Strategy's specialised social media and SEO Adelaide services worked on building Facebook impressions for their client over a period of 28 days. Using effective interactive, social media journalism and brand marketing, SLAM enabled a 70 per cent increase in brand exposure. During this time, the client's social media reach increased to 1255 per cent, reflecting a change in the number of people reached through the Facebook posts during the campaign as compared to the lifetime total post reach for the 3 weeks prior to the campaign period.

Citing the importance of user engagement in such campaigns, a top company official shared that they were able to achieve a 113 per cent increase in total engagement between the brand, fans of the brand, and friends of the fans. The campaign also exhibited a high level of user activity and engagement in comparison to previous times; 82 per cent of all shared stories on the client's page occurred during the campaign. The live social media Adelaide will increase the brand's chances of being on 'top of mind' of customer during purchase of brand products or services.

The client campaign also led the brand to be introduced to new and existing customers through an increase in the number of people who saw the content associated with the brand page in form of status updates, photos, videos, etc. The interactive and fun content also enabled the viral reach for the campaign to grow by introducing referrals through friends of friends, which is essential for finding new customers.

Speaking on the importance of social media Adelaide, Shaun Le Cornu, CEO, SLAM Strategy said "Social media is a journey not a destination that builds with equity over time just like any other asset. As your assets grow they can become more difficult to manage, especially if you keep adding new assets. This equity lies in the substantial and influential power that advocates of a brand can have through digital social networking. Social Media is one of the biggest, fastest and most profitable ways a brand can grow their business online over time and it's only going to get bigger and more complicated with brands running their own top level domains as dotBrands."

SLAM's Social media Live programme is a specially designed social media strategy for client events that has been helping clients make the most of their social media presence at any event they are involved with or hosting. Combining best practices in journalism and marketing, the programme has helped many clients build user engagement and develop meaningful brand outreach to existing and new customers.

About the Company: SLAM Strategy is a leading Internet strategy company in Adelaide, with over 20 years of experience in providing Internet retailing, digital marketing, advertising, SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing services to help businesses establish their brands online. The company also specialises in Top-Level Domain names, commonly known as TLDs.

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