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Skyline Products Announces the Release of EnvoyDMS™ 3.0 Central Control Software

Rush hour traffic is a true test for Traffic Managers. Traffic safety is more important than ever. Managing increased traffic volume, directing traffic flow in HOV lanes, and dealing with the ever-present unexpected accidents are a challenge.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo-Skyline Products™, a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of ITS-Grade® dynamic message sign (DMS) solutions for the transportation industry, designed EnvoyDMS 3.0 with state and city traffic managers in mind. This latest version of Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) central control software now controls Lane Use Signals and Variable Speed Limit signs for traffic flow management. It also provides an enhanced user interface, quick and easy multi-sign control and scheduled messaging. Perhaps its greatest strength is providing traffic managers with information and insight of the DMS equipment. This allows maximum uptime of the entire DMS network and minimizes downtime of any given DMS. With advanced features such as email alerts and email notification with escalation, Envoy software allows management by exception of the DMS equipment.

EnvoyDMS software provides sign system display that gives a True What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) view of all the displays in the sign system. At any time, the user can see exactly what the motorists see. Message verification is an invaluable tool. Multi-sign control is an industry exclusive feature in EnvoyDMS. Signs can be controlled by using the Sign Group function. In addition, Hot Buttons can be configured to activate a predetermined message on a pre-selected group of signs. Each of these tools allows the user to quickly activate messages to pre-selected number of signs. For traffic managers that find they display specific messages at specific times of the day, EnvoyDMS Central Scheduling can perform these action automatically. This powerfully flexible application can activate whatever message is desired on any number of signs at any time of the day. It also handles different signs with different messages displayed at the same time of day.

For a limited time, Skyline Products is offering special pricing to current users of EnvoyDMS and NTCIP DMS Central Control software. Any customer that purchases a software maintenance contract also gets the upgrade to version 3.0. Since users won't have to buy previous years maintenance to catch up to this release, a substantial savings is at hand. The advantages of a maintenance contract are customer service support, regular software updates that include additional features and enhancements.

The combination of increased ease of use, True WYSIWYG sign display, quick and simple control and scheduling capabilities pays a big return on investment. Traffic managers can respond immediately to traffic issues by employing system wide messages in only minutes. Motorists benefit from timely travel instructions that provide for safer and shorter commutes.

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