Skin Revival, Leading Skin Clinic in Australia, Offers Non-invasive, Safe yet Effective Laser Treatment

Skin Revival, a leading beauty care and treatment centre in Australia, takes pride in offering the latest non-invasive Laser Genesis procedure to address a variety of facial and skin issues.

Extra-stressful days, emotional upheavals as well as harmful diet and habits do take their toll on the skin. As a result, people often complain about their skin's uneven tone, blemishes and fine lines that leave them unhappy and less confident about. While many factors are able to create havoc on the skin, there are many solutions and treatments out there that help people control and combat their skin situation. Coupled with a radical change in lifestyle, it is important to turn to a trusted skin clinic which carries out procedures to help maintain the skin's health, and even give it a new, better glow.

Skin Revival is a cosmetic skin clinic that utilizes the latest technologies to get the best results for clients. The one-stop beauty centre is owned by Angela Lee, reputable icon in the country's beauty industry, with a 10-year experience in Aesthetic Lasers and IPL Devices, and advanced training in Aesthetics. The four operators in llongong, Campbelltown, Nowra and Ulladulla are fully trained and accredited before being assessed by the Skin Revival team, following a full month of training alongside Miss Lee before starting treatments.

Detailed at, the beauty and skin clinic currently offers Facials, Botox, Skincare, Dermabrasion, Dermal Rolling, Facial Peels, Laser for Nails, Waxing, Hair Removal, Hair Removal ProWave, Laser Genesis, LimeLight, Pearl Fractional and Vein Therapy.

The Laser Genesis procedure, which essentially utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine line wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin texture, while diffusing redness and scars. Subtle yet consistent results are expected after each treatment, without the bruising, the excessive skin irritation and similar side effects. Notably, the Laser Genesis treatment can be performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anaesthetics or gel. also offers medical-based skin product ranges with full supporting clinical data. The items are not available from chemists and department store, with some only available from medical aesthetic clinics.

To find out more about Skin Revival serving clients across Australia, please visit for information.

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