Sitelink Software, the leader in self storage technology, continues to work to future proof your business against the continuously evolving technology and future operating systems.

The advent of technology has made almost every human endeavor faster and more accurate. It allows mass production and it requires lesser human effort. It practically makes the job easier.

But despite these advantages, technology also brings with it certain problems that are associated with development: Its continuous evolution requires affected people and businesses to always be updated with the latest knowledge in their trade otherwise they will be left behind - with old or obsolete technology.

In information technology, this can be a waste of money especially when you are using software with a large volume of data which is no longer supported by new ones.

This is one of the primary concerns of SiteLink when it released its Web Edition, the fastest growing brand of self storage management software in the world today.

To eliminate this problem from the Web Edition going forward, Sitelink integrates with third party providers like RapidStor, District Manager and many others. It also runs the latest Microsoft SQL technology to ensure that SiteLink will continue to work on future operating systems. This is SiteLink's way of future-proofing your store.

SiteLink Web Edition is easy to download and install on any PC or Mac and it runs on most Windows operating systems. It offers many benefits including revenue management, online payments, speed, high quality financial reports and live updates at no extra cost.

The Web Edition is user-friendly and it eliminates the need for expensive servers. It is the only self storage software sold in Australia that is compliant with PCI - DSS standards.

Being a holder of PCI - DSS certification means that a system is secure and customers of any business can trust it with their credit card information when they make payments. It also helps to protect businesses against credit card fraud.

Who Uses SiteLink?
Sitelink Software is the leader in self-storage software solutions. It is the provider of the best software and customer support in the industry. It maintains a staff that is highly qualified and experienced in programming and self-storage operations.
More than 60 percent of Australia's top self storage operators including National Storage, Fort Knox and Extra Space use Web Edition for their businesses.

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