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Readymade websites have been the latest sensation in the vast world of digital marketing. Time is precious to most people around the world. As a result, few are willing to invest their time behind designing a website, and optimizing it according to the usage. As a result, the demand for readymade websites is on a record high. Sitegap, unlike others, deliver optimized websites for various businesses at an appropriate price.

People, who have any queries regarding the websites from Sitegap, or any other related things, should go through the following questions, which have been answered by the experts at the company -

What are the costs or charges?

Apart from the standard charges for buying a website, the client has to pay $59.40 on a yearly basis as a charge for hosting a website. This amount must be paid before the website is delivered. However, people, who are running out of hosting space, and need the experts of Sitegap to install the site on a particular server, an extra charge of $25 will be taken from the clients as the installation charge. It is a one-time charge.

How many copies of the website are created?

People, who have a fear that they might see hundreds of websites that are same as their ones, should rest assured. Sitegap has a strict limit of using a design in 40 websites. As soon as they reach the figure, they change the design completely and create a new one. Moreover, the contents they provide with a website can be changed or modified as per the requirement of the clients.

What is the required knowledge to run a website?

Contrary to the belief that a person needs great experience to run a website, Sitegap lets people handle a website without any prior experience of handling them. Moreover, as the website updates automatically, people have to invest least time in them. However, there is always open scope to help the site grow. It can be done with the control panel of the website, and is quite easy to accomplish.

Can one change or edit the website?

Yes, Sitegap offers complete freedom to its clients regarding the changes and modification on the website. Each readymade website comes with its own control panel, which lets people make necessary modifications on the website, and offer it with a completely new look, or optimize it according to their business.

What is the average delivery time?

Sitegap takes a maximum of three days to deliver a website to their client. However, in most of the cases, the experts deliver the website within a day or two of receiving appropriate information.

Therefore, with no more questions in mind, people should make no further hesitation, and go for the world-class readymade websites from Sitegap. For additional information, visit the official website of the company.

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