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Sino Holdings Group Announces the Launch of Even More Sizes of Foldable Crates

Sino Holdings Group is one of the largest manufacturers of quality foldable crates and aims to cover global markets with the largest range and variety of packing solutions.

Sino Holdings Group or SHG as it is popularly known, is based in Huangyan Taizhou, China, and has won the trust of global companies with its extended range of innovative foldable crating solutions.

Speaking at the launch of new range of foldable crating solutions, an SHG representative said, "We have now introduced even better and wider range of foldable crating solutions aimed at virtually all segments. These crates have been redesigned to be extra strong, use the least material and thus be cost effective, and, at the same time have extended life. With a strong R&D department and a highly experienced design team supported by mold manufacturing and high tonnage highlight molding technologies, SHG is at the forefront of foldable crating solutions. We have now introduced more varieties in terms of sizes with variations in width, depth and height to suit virtually all user segments."

SHG manufactures collapsible crates with open side walls, with closed side walls, with extra thick and rugged walls and large folding containers for bulk requirements. The unique features of collapsible crates SHG manufactures are that these are very strong and undergo rigorous tests for structural integrity, dimensional tolerances and durability. Since these crates will be stacked one upon the other, it must be easy to stack them and align them perfectly, maximizing usage of space and minimizing effort. The crates at the bottom must sustain high loads without buckling or deforming. Tests at SHG factory in Huangyan Taizhou cover these and other aspects. The collapsible containers are designed not to shift or slide during transportation. Design also factors in maximum usage of space within the container and dimensions are chosen to fit most transport containers for optimized usage of space.

"SHG is, perhaps, one of the only such collapsible crate manufacturer to offer the widest range of sizes in each type of foldable crate, whether it is open sided, closed, extra thick or large foldable type. We have over 400 sets of molds and offer folding crates in over 120 different sizes, assuring quickest deliveries and consistency due to investment in over 35 high tonnage injection molding machines," said the spokesman, elaborating the outstanding features of the company and its manufacturing capabilities.

Collapsible crates are in high demand since these go along with the products on a returnable basis. After the products have been removed, it is easy for anyone to disassemble the crate without using any tools and stack them all together in a compact way, saving over 80% space in warehouses and saving enormously in transport costs; two factors that have contributed enormously to the growing use of these foldable containers across the world. The folding feature also allows the company to supply these crates to buyers in bulk at the least shipping costs.

Ever innovative, the company is introducing new products and one of the recent ones to gain popularity is the foldable suitcase made of high impact HDPE. SHG plans to introduce even more innovative collapsible packing solutions in the time to come and will be making suitable announcements. R&D is underway, according to the representative.

About: Sino Holdings Group is a leading global manufacturer of collapsible crates with its facilities in Huangyan Taizhou in Zhejiang district of China. You may contact them on phone 86 576 84086666, fax 86 576 84018996, or email them at Visit our website for more details.

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