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Sing2Learn, English Learning Mobile App Undefined Hits The Launchpad On 28th February!

Sing2Learn is the latest mobile application designed to help people learn and attain fluency in English language by singing their favorite songs and help break-free from the chains of conventional classroom learning.

"The wait is over; Sing2Learn is now all set with the final release on 28th February in all the major app stores. Our English learning app for Smartphones and tablets is designed with the purpose to make English learning a fun and enjoyable experience for all" - Team Sing2Learn.

Sing to learn a language, the core concept of our innovation in developing an app. It has been designed for English learners to memorize various words and phrases, taking interpretations from English songs and music. This Smartphone app consists of 1000+ songs from different genres. Lyrics displayed with translated subtitles . Languages included are Japanese , Chinese, Korean , Spanish just amongst the few.

Anyone willing to learn English in a fast and interesting way will find Sing2Learn app extremely useful and handy. This app allows the learners to listen and understand each word & phrase in English. Translations come with Guaranteed 90% accuracy. The learners can assess their skills by taking the self-evaluation quiz available in oral and written form.

The unique feature "Jargon Buster Plus" enables the learners to learn over 250 Idioms and useful phrases via songs to help you sound like a local. The two learn modes allows the user to learn a minimum of 300 wordsphrases in just an hour automatically storing them to long-term memory.
Don't believe us, What is the forth line to "We Wish you a Merry Xmas"?
..Did you sing it to answer!!?

Sing2Learn application is a unique way to learn English. Replacing time-consuming classroom learning and traditional practices in and engaging way. Additionally, a learner can post a recorded clip in the "forums" to compare the performance with fellow learners. It is time to learn, sing and enjoy!

About Sing2Learn
Sing2Learn is an interactive mobile app for iPhones and Android Smartphones that will be launched on February 28th available to download from all app stores.

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