Sindor Healthcare launches breakthrough memory enhancement supplement, ActivMind®

ActivMind has been developed by Sindor Healthcare as a memory enhancement supplement. ActivMind® contains only herbal contents scientifically proven to improve memory and learning retention.

4 June 2010, Singapore. People suffering from forgetfulness, absence of mind, mental stress and dementia-like symptoms can now look forward to some relieve with the launch of ActivMind®, a natural memory supplement. Sindor Healthcare, a healthcare company based in Singapore announced the launch of ActivMind® today.

The herbal contents of ActivMind® have been tested extensively in animals and humans to show significant improvements in memory function, learning retention and brain cognitive functions. ActivMind® contains proprietary BE55 , a natural plant extract. Scientific research has shown that BE55 enhances the cholinergic nerve transmitter system that is associated with improved memory. BE55 also increases blood circulation and oxygenation of brain cells.

Clinical studies in children showed an improvement in learning tasks. As a natural ingredient, BE55 showed significant improvements in logical memory in the elderly with age associated memory impairment. BE55 helps improve protein activity and protein synthesis, especially in brain cells, which can help decrease brain ageing. BE55 aids in repair of damaged nerve cells and improves nerve function. Another interesting application comes from clinical reports of BE55's use for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. In a study conducted in 36 children in the 8-10-year age group were selected for a double-blind, randomized trial. While 19 were given 50 mg of BE55 twice daily, 17 others received placebo. After 12 weeks of treatment, the children were subjected to a battery of specialized tests. The data revealed a significant improvement in the areas of sentence repetition, logical memory, and pair-associative learning (matching things that go together; e.g., "test" and "grade") in all 19 ADHD children who took BE55. Evaluation did not occur until four weeks after withdrawal from BE55 usage, indicating that it had a lasting effect. In attempting to explain the role of BE55 in neuroprotection and brain aging, its action as an antioxidant has been suggested.

One study examined how it might help prevent induced lipid peroxidation. Its protective capacity was found to compare favorably to the effects of the chelating agent EDTA and to those of the natural antioxidant vitamin E. For four weeks, 35 patients were treated for anxiety neurosis. After treatment, they were assessed for clinical anxiety levels, maladjustment level, mental fatigue rate, and immediate memory span. In those patients receiving BE55:

• Anxiety levels were lowered by about 20%.
• Maladjustment was significantly lower than its corresponding pretreatment value.
• Mental fatigue, as determined in total daily work output, was lower.
• Immediate memory-span scores were significantly increased.

ActivMind® is now available for purchase online from or Sindor Healthcare's company website,

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Sindor Healthcare is a Singapore-based healthcare company specializing in developing evidence-based natural supplements. We provide the highest quality supplements for various chronic illnesses such as Memory Deficits, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity and Asthma. Our products are complementary to existing allopathic or modern medicines. In other words they can be used alone or in combination with conventional medications. Further information on Sindor Healthcare can be found at

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