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Silicon Valley Startup Ion Industries Inc. Patents a Safer Alternative to Taser.

The continued rejection of using current Taser Technology by the San Francisco Police Chief has sparked the innovative Silicon Valley based startup company, Ion Industries Inc to create and patent a cutting edge, safe, anti-abuse Taser alternative.

Using proprietary technology, Ion Industries has created a painless immobilizing system. The system uses minimal electricity while charging a proprietary liquid that is then expelled and immobilizes the target.

So the big question we are all asking is, does it really work? After investigating we have found that the technology has been successfully tested many times over. Test subjects were quoted saying:

"I couldn't fight through it, just locked up." "If I was hit with a second shot, I don't think I could take it."

"Again no pain, it was like your done. You have no control...It took the fight right out of me."

"As many times as I've used a stun gun on people this was amazing, this was unbelievable. I couldn't do anything other than go down. I wanted to stay up but I couldn't" - Former Police Officer

Some of the proven benefits of this new Taser Technology include:

Less Abuse & Litigation
Better adoption of Technology
No Prongs to remove
No Pain

The safety and lack of pain that this new technology offers can allow police forces and even citizens to use a safe system that will not cause death or harm. Due to the increased safety police forces could also minimize litigation and liability from the use of traditional Tasers.

It would seem that this new cutting edge technology has proved not only safer but even more effective that traditional Taser Technology. I would say it is safe to say that we will be seeing a lot more of this new technology and we can't wait to see what Ion Industries puts out next.

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