SHOP-INDIE LTD Now Provides Online Shopping of Cutting Edge Menswear Collection

Shop-Indie introduces a new online shop for people who want to find quality independent brands at a fraction of the cost.

In a world where designer brands dictate what should and should be worn, men are tied to a commercial lifestyle - and intend to break free from it. For many, wearing great clothing produced by independent brands that reflect individuality and a do-it-yourself approach to living.

Shop-Indie is home to everything independent clothing brands for men. It is a platform of discovery for people where they can find clothing and brands that otherwise they may have overlooked.

Started in August 2013 in England, the online shop for menswear was developed as a result of patiently sourcing products, building relationships with suppliers, and putting together a website within a month - all on a shoestring budget. At, customers will find a collection of cutting edge menswear customers can purchase easily and conveniently.

"I had an aim to create a platform in which I could show off what is the best independent clothing from around the world, a platform of discovery almost so that anyone reading this can find something special in the cluttered world of independent clothing," says Jake, the founder of

While catering to customers who want a different kind of clothing minus the commercial touch, advocates support for the artists behind independent clothing brands and designs. To do this, the online shop offers discounts on most products to encourage people to buy independent products. The reasoning behind this is simple, huge multi-national companies dominate what we wear and what we see. Shop-Indie aims to do a little to change that, just be giving people a place to discover a hidden gem.

The team behind searches for clothing form all backgrounds, be it inspired by the mod/rocker movements of the 1960's the classic Navy Harrington jacket or the shock culture that was started by Odd Future very recently. Variety is something incredibly important to Shop-Indie's success, it allows them to accommodate for a range of people.

To find out more about the best independent clothing worldwide, please visit for information and orders.

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