"Shawty A Gangsta" Video Banned By Youtube.

"Shawty A Gangsta" Video released by Hip Hop/R&B artist DJ Scandalous banned by Youtube.

Artist DJ Scandalous has released the video for "Shawty A Gangsta" - the first video to incorporate the talented rapper and his overseas partner, Matt Houston, who adds to the song with his smooth voice and French lyrics.

The R&B Hip Hop video features supermodel Rosa Acosta as the sexy hot girlfriend who steams up more than the room as she waits at the famous Trump Tower Hotel for rapper DJ Scandalous to arrive.
The song, written by DJ Scandalous and performed by DJ Scandalous and Matt Houston features Bad Boy/Konvict/Interscope's Red Cafe and Napoleon Da Legend, with each rapper hitting hard their verses, all combined in one hot song already favored by 92.3 radio station (Washington, DC) and quickly taking the lead in several states. The video stars sexy supermodel Rosa Acosta. You'll need a cool drink after this one!

After over 45,000 hits on Youtube in less than 5 days, the video was removed for "sexual content," but the artist appealed to Youtube, stating there is no nudity in the video, and after review, the video was reinstated with an "18 and over" warning and with sign-in requirements.

DJ Scandalous has produced tracks for many underground artists in the U.S. as well as for major artists in Canada, France, Belgium, and Switzerland for such artists as K-Maro, Sonny Black, and Catherine Ferry. DJ Scandalous has since moved to California to better pursue his music career.

Stay tuned: His upcoming song "Sex Toy" features Trina, of Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records, and plans for the video is in the works.
View the video at www.youtube.com/djscandaloustv and follow the artist on Twitter at www.twitter.com/djscandalous.

View the video at www.youtube.com/djscandaloustv

Follow the artist on Twitter at www.twitter.com/djscandalous.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/1djscandalous


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