Sharpe Security NIJ IIIA/III Bullet Resistant Everyday Backpacks Incorporating Unprecedented Design Concepts

Series of Unprecedentedly Designed Ballistic Everyday Backpacks are launched by SHARPE SECURITY

SHARPE SECURITY (SHARPE) is proud to inform everyone today we are taking a big step forward on ballistic backpack designs- We are launching new ballistic everyday backpacks incorporating unprecedented design concepts and we are honored to tell you these backpacks are designed in Taiwan.

Similar to other ballistic backpack designs a NIJ IIIA ballistic panel inserted into a SHARPE ballistic everyday backpack is required to provide appropriate protection from bullets. However, this ballistic panel is also designed to fit in a SHARPE ballistic vest carrier as the ballistic vest back panel. This feature makes SHARPE backpacks suitable for secret agents, law enforcement officials, body guards, security guards, common people, etc. to carry when performing undercover tasks or in everyday lives without compromising comfort and agility. When gun threats are assumed or foreseen and wearing a ballistic vest is mandatory, this backpack ballistic panel can be removed from the SHARPE backpack and put into the SHARPE ballistic vest carrier to become the back panel of the SHARPE ballistic vest. If you have a SHARPE backpack and you also have a demand for a ballistic vest, you just need to buy a ballistic vest carrier and a ballistic vest front panel. It gives you cost-effectiveness.

Besides the unique design mentioned previously, we also implement another unprecedented ballistic pull-down/drop-down defense (P.D.D./D.D.D.) mechanism which offers additionally expanded protection as an option. This feature allows a user to instantly expand the bullet resistant coverage as much as twice the original coverage. The P.D.D./D.D.D. mechanism can have a SHARPE soft ballistic panel fitted in for NIJ IIIA or a hard ballistic panel to reach NIJ III protection depending on backpack models. They are also designed to be used independently and separately as a hand bag or a handheld ballistic shield.

Furthermore, an additionally internal compartment has been designed for optionally putting in a SHARPE stab/spike resistant panel which further makes SHARPE backpacks both bullet resistant and stab/spike resistant.

SHARPE ballistic backpacks are designed for the general public who thinks gun/knife threats protection can be the additional features for their backpacks or the special task personnel who thinks besides gun/knife threat protection, comfort, easy to use, easy to carry, and multi-functions are needed.

SHARPE offers not only ballistic backpacks but also other bullet resistant products such as ballistic helmets, vests and shields; electroshock products such as stun guns and stun batons; personal pepper spray with or without the alarm function. We offer OEM/ODM services of these kinds of products to clients as a preferred cooperation model. Our goal is to provide all of our loved ones a better prevention and protection from unexpected gun/knife threats.

Currently we have two main backpack models YH001 and YT001. For more detailed product information and specifications, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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