Shadowdance Urban Fantasy Ebook Saga Undergoes Rebranding, Merchandising, Sequel

Under the direction of creator mark Wooden, the Shadowdance urban fantasy saga undergoes rebranding, gains merchandising and prepares for a sequel novel.

Local author Mark Wooden has rebranded the tagline for the Shadowdance eBook saga, changing it to "Look into the shadows and see horror in action."

"The change represents a shift away from flagrant use of SEO keywords to something that better identifies the feel of the saga," Wooden explains.

The new tagline will go into effect on the website in the next few days. Merchandise at the Shed Creative Cafe Press store has already received the rebranding.
In addition to the rebranding, Wooden has begun final edits on the second Shadowdance saga eBook, "For Her Sins."

"The first novel was kind of the 'A New Hope'/ 'Empire Strikes Back' mash-up of the Shadowdance saga," says Wooden. "'For Her Sins' is 'Return of the Jedi,' without the cute and fuzzy creatures."

The sequel asks the question, can a sinner change their fate or are they damned for all eternity?

"Adriana is really tested in this one, both physically and spiritually," Wooden says. "She's forced to reconcile who she was before becoming a vampire, and what her decisions after that fateful incident made her."

The "Shadowdance" saga combines the action and intrigue of a James Bond movie with supernatural horrors.

It chronicles the secret struggle between supernatural creatures for control of the nine shards of Vyntari. He who possesses the nine shards may summon the destructive Shadow god Yahweh.

"The Shadowdance Saga as the literary answer to movies like 'Underworld' and 'Blade,'" Wooden says. "The novel experience allows the readers in depth immersion into the lives of the characters, lets them explore their intriguing motives and back-story.

"With the Saga series, readers will revel in the intrigue and the interlocking lives of the characters."

For more information, please contact Wooden at or at Follow the Shadowdance saga at Facebook and Twitter (#ShadowdanceSaga).

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