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Sliding Sash Solutions is a firm based in the UK and offers its services in lot many areas. All the services offered by them are of the best quality and at competitive rates.

Sliding sash solutions are a provider of restoration of ancient British heritage by offering repair and replacement services for sash windows. Sash windows have been used in architectural constructions for over three centuries. These windows are made out of timber and the timber used in its making is of the highest quality which is tighter and straight. This type of wood is grown with care in cold climates. This type of high quality timber is used in making of sash windows giving us the sturdiest windows which stand for centuries. Sash windows are very beautiful and add a grace to your home, giving it a unique look.

One can find a sash window in buildings that have a Victorian style of architecture. These types of openings are also found in modern building which have been constructed in ancient style. The Sliding sash windows are still very popular in this modern world and the reason for it is its design, quality and making which is a work of high quality craftsmanship. Sliding Sash Solutions is a pioneer in providing Sash window repairs and restoration services for all the types of sash. They offer a wide range of services that save your windows from further damages and make them able to stand for many years.

For the maintenance of these ancient windows the firm provides a wide range of repair services that resolves many issues that people faced in their sash windows such as draughts, rattling sounds, stiffness in moving and much more. The firm aims to provide a significant contribution in maintaining old windows. All the services offered by them are of world class quality, making the windows last longer. One can hire services for repair and Replacement of sash windows at very economical rates. With the proper servicing all your issues would be resolved and your windows would function like a new one.

For issues of draught the company provides Double glazed sash windows, which helps you in saving energy. The firm has a Brush Pile system which provides their customers with energy efficient solutions. For more information about the firm and its services you can visit their website at

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