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SDN Summit 2013 - Transforming Networking Architecture

SDN Summit2013 is all about Transforming Networking Architecture.Upperside Conferences, event organizer since 1994, organized the first edition of the SDN Summit in June 2012 in Paris. The 2nd edition will be at the Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel.

Software-defined networking (SDN) is poised to transform networking architecture as it is quickly becoming a significant building block for next-generation carrier services and networks. It is gaining importance within Carrier transport networks, Network Virtualization, OpenFlow, Optical networking, Cloud-based services and Carrier Data Centers. This emerging importance of SDN means that all major players involved in the telecom ecosystem are assessing what its utilization will mean for them, and how and where SDN will be used in telecom networks.

Though SDN is an immense, all-incorporating concept which spans data center, WAN, and carrier backbone networks and is being viewed by some as capable of solving nearly every known networking problem, SDN is still in its infancy.
Before SDN develops into a mature technology, some IT fundamentals and best practices will remain critical as certain key architectural choices and burning issues with SDN need to be addressed:

- What are the key architectural choices and burning issues with SDN?
- Will SDN drive the era of commodity network hardware and what does it mean for the carriers?
- What is Software Defined Data Center and how will it impact the network hardware?
- What are the service strategies of Internet and Cloud providers?
- What is the role of overlays and VPNs in SDN and network virtualization?
- What is the role of APIs in SDNs? What level of abstraction do these APIs need to provide?
- Is SDN the only solution for automation? Or are there other valid architectural approaches to achieve the same benefits in terms of agility and operational efficiencies?
- Is OpenFlow an integral part of SDN ? Or just one of many possible choices?
- What are the issues with respect to application deployment in the context of SDNs?
- What kind of intelligence is required from the network?
- What kind of management tools are required in the context of SDN?

During the second edition of the SDN Summit, these issues will be discussed & key experts from industry, regulatory bodies, government and enterprises will confront practical implementations with conceptual views.

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