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Science Academy Software Introduces EBook On Prayers, Rituals, And Manifestation

Science Academy Software®, an educational publisher announced today the release of a new mini-eBook "Making Is So -- Manifesting Realities, Ritualistic Prayer, Spiritual and Practical Guidance" by Robert Cummings.

Making It So from an observers point of view, exposes ritualistic practices of the secular and non-secular religious groups (i.e. Catholicism, Pentecostal, Self-Development, Buddhism, Santeria, etc.).

Making It So:
* discusses prayer and ritual practice, manifestations, dimensions, and realities

* discusses spirituality with respect to physical laws, quantum physics, and psychology

* provides guidance for everyday living

* touches upon a whole new awareness of the issues related to consciousness, subconscious and cosmic consciousness, and a myriad of topics

* presents boilerplate models for rituals and prayers derived from a variety of sources

This small 80 page 5 ¼ x 8 ½ eBook is available in PDF form for $5.00. To find out more about Making It So, visit:

About Robert Cummings
Mr. Cummings is president and founder of Science Academy Software. He is a graduate of San Jose State University and holds a B.S. in Business Administration. Mr. Cummings is a teacher, software developer and education technology consultant. He currently working as a metaphysical researcher and investigator.

About Science Academy Software
Science Academy Software was founded 1990. Its mission is to make learning a fun and enriching experience for users of its software. Science Academy Software's latest contribution is "Reader" the text-to-speech Web application that reads and entertains children and "Art for All" an eBook for the Visual Arts instruction.

The Science Academy Software Web site was named a USAToday Hot-Site in the summer of 1997 for BasketMath Interactive©, and has received awards from StudyWeb(1997), Education Planet(1999),,

Science Academy Software is privately held.

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