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Say "I Love You" In Key West Out On The Open Water

The best way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, like every year, is to do something special. With the temperatures being what they have been, the most special thing you can do is fly south to the tropics.

One of the things that makes Valentine's Day so special is its proximity to the start of spring. Coming as it does just five weeks before the official first day of spring, it is seen as a harbinger of things to come. This year, that feeling is certainly going to be a challenge to recall. Record low temperatures have been matched with unprecedented amounts of snow. People everywhere are frustrated with how their winters have gone and are looking for any way to somehow get beyond it. That is why celebrating Valentine's Day in Key West is the best option that is available to people.

First of all, it helps that it falls on a Friday, so making the trip can be contained to a long weekend with only a minimal amount of time taken off. An early morning flight will be able to get you into Key West International Airport with plenty of time to enjoy a sunset sail, if not even an afternoon snorkel cruise. The cruise companies know how much you want to come down here and spend some time on the legendary waters, and that is why they are offering special Valentine's Day cruise specials to help entice you away from the cold and the dreary to the sun and the fun that is American's Caribbean island.

Being on the water is only a small part of the charm that makes Key West such a special destination. An island with a history that spans five centuries and has been affected by cultures from all around the world, it has something to offer everyone. Most importantly, as a beacon of tolerance and acceptance wrapped in the sheath of a tropical climate, this island paradise is the perfect Valentine's Day destination.

It has become a destination for some of the best chefs in the world, and none is better or more internationally renowned as Chef Brendon Orr at the Roof Top Cafe. For over eight years, he has been producing his signature New Island cuisine. It is the perfect way to end the most romantic day. After spending the afternoon or evening on the magical waters that surround Key West, there is no better meal or experience than the outdoor dining of some of the finest food in the world.

Robert Willis is a writer and food critic based in Key West.

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