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Successful Education Solutions works hands-on with families who want the most value from their education dollar. Their services are designed for parents and students to assist with career choices, college selection and financial decisions.

The significance of going to college is accentuated in the present economic climate. Statistics from the United States Bureau of Census reveals that in 2007, a high school graduate earns an average income of $31,286, which is approximately $26,000 less than the salary of a college graduate pegged at $51,181. While there are exceptions, acquiring a college degree helps a person create that competitive edge and enjoy better advantages over their non-college-graduate colleagues. As such, college preparation has become crucial than ever.

Successful Education Solutions, through its website provides families with college funding services to help parents and students with career choices, college selection and financial assistance. Founded by Jeffrey Sonnergren, the agency aims to help students and parents navigate the complex college planning process such that they could maintain their quality of life and income during the tuition years. particularly offers college funding services that are designed for parents and students to assist with career choices, college selection and financial assistance, also called "Student Positioning," which requires students to go through a two-step process.

Initially, students gain access to an online aptitude session designed to confirm and focus on their career goals and subsequent majors to pursue. Thereafter, a professional career counselor conducts the 45-minute student-and-parent phone interview. utilizes a powerful tool to successfully match the student to the right college based on a set of scientific factors, SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, the family's finances, the student's educational interest and the student's general outlook on life. also offers SAT prep course and ACT prep course, as well as college essay help to assist college applicants.

Securing opportunities for success, families engaged in the program are supported as they are taken through the steps that involve the College Tracking List, Student Career Search and Student Positioning Session. The Program also involves CSS completion of Profile Form Registration, College Financial Aid Form, Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Student Aid Report (SAR). An evaluation of Award Letters follows. also offers counseling on family's loan and budget options.

In order to get better insights about paying for college without the money-related headaches, offers the special report titled "5 Ways to Trim $10,000 or More Off the Price of a College Education." By simply filling out the form on the website, visitors can get a copy of the report - for free - and learn valuable money-saving tips.

Families or students seeking to maximize the value of a college education should log on to to learn more.


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