Sarath Menon, the Thrissur Boy from SCMS Cochin, Gains a Strong Foothold into the Retail Industry with Lucrative Campus Placement.

"No journey in life is completely smooth; it all depends on how quickly you adapt to the rough tide and win the race," says Sarath, an SCMS Cochin student talking about his academic journey with the institute.

"No journey in life is completely smooth; it all depends on how quickly you adapt to the rough tide and win the race," says Sarath, an SCMS Cochin student talking about his academic journey with the institute. The young boy from Thrissur admits that he found the going tough initially after he joined the B School that he had heard a lot about. Eventually, with his perseverance and with support from the institute, he managed to turn things around for himself. So much so, that now he's on a new high after having bagged placement with Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

Sarath will be going through a six-month training program with the company after which he has brilliant opportunities to widen his horizons. It's something he is obviously thrilled about as he says, "There is tremendous opportunity to learn and grow with the company. I would like to gain good knowledge about retailing, and make a good impression at my work place. Only then will I be able to move up the ladder in the industry, which is what I want. I would also boost my marketing skills while I am at it."

Clearly his time at SCMS Cochin has taught Sarath to think big and aim higher. And it's visible in the goals he has set for himself in the future. "In a few years I would like to be in a senior management position in the retail industry where I have more responsibilities and authority to take important decisions. But my real, long term goal is to open a restaurant. It's partly because I am a complete and serious foodie," he chuckles. He might make light of the comment but his determination and confidence to achieve his goal is clear.

It's a sea change for the young one who initially struggled through his time at SCMS. According to him, the system was completely alien to him, which is why he had trouble adjusting to it initially. But over time because of the support of his faculty members and classmates from various backgrounds, Sarath started taking things in stride. "Various initiatives that my institute has set up also helped me to a great extent," he says. "IMLP sessions to improve presentation skills and business knowledge, seminars and conferences that allowed us to interact with industry experts and personal grooming programs were some of the initiatives that made a world of difference for me."

Sarath also talks about his summer internship placement that held him on solid ground when it came to his all-important job interview. He previously held an internship with Indus League Clothing limited, a division of Future Group, in Bangalore and the experience he earned in the retail industry was vital for his placement interview. It's this experience that was created for him by his institute that he will draw on when he takes on the new responsibilities of being a working professional. And, he believes that he is well prepared for the job thanks to his learning experience at his institute.

So does Sarath recommend a program like his to future management professionals? "Most definitely," he confidently replies. "The job market is extremely competitive today and you need that extra feature to set you apart as a brand. SCMS Cochin gives you the cutting edge advantage because it's one of the best B Schools in South India. The PGDM program is quite reputed and carefully created keeping today's industry needs in mind. It has given me the ideal launching pad for my career." Today, Sarath stands on the cusp of a new beginning that seems to have many big things in store for him.

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