Launches It's Crowd Funding Campaign

With over 32 million people living alone without a support system to know when they go missing and over 40,000 active missing person cases in the US and Canada, there is more of a need for then ever before and we want to improve it.

"Woman reported missing after leaving for morning jog"
"Solo hiker missing for days before being reported" has launched a crowd funding campaign to upgrade our systems for greater use and functionality. Since 2007, has given individuals the private safety net when they are going out alone for any activity. Members "check-out" with the details of their "event" (hiking biking, a date, a jog, etc.). If they do not "check-in" within the requested time, alerts the member's primary contact if we have not gotten in touch with the member first. Cell phones go out of range, batteries die, they get lost or taken away. GPS only tells you where you are, not others who might be looking. The biggest problem police and searchers have when seeking a missing person is where to start to look! That is where is strongest.

We are proud to be working with as our host for this crowd-funding campaign. is the website for this.

Improvements to be funded will include:
• APPs for Apple, Driod and Microsoft phone OS systems

• Improved functionality of the online website that includes an easier to use "Event" entry and more ways to "checkin".

• Improving and expanding the backup systems for notification and verification of "overdues"
• Adding new payment options besides PayPal including pay by check, credit card and phone.

• Updating the Privacy and Terms of service terms to comply with the new privacy guidelines for websites.

• Advertising and promotion of in areas where we can reach those that SafeCheckIn is designed for.

Members and non-members can participate in the crowd funding campaign by pledging funds and in return we will be offering memberships of three months to 2 years of We will be offering special rewards for current members as well.

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