Saen Higgins Notes Market Trends at Wealth Without Risk Conference in Singapore

During a recent conference in Singapore, tax lien certificate expert Saen Higgins offered a concise assessment of the financial market.

During a recent conference in Singapore, tax lien certificate expert Saen Higgins offered a concise assessment of the financial market. He sees this as a prime time to pursue wealth without risk through the proven strategy of property tax liens.

Tax lien certificate (TLC) buyers from around the world convened to hear Saen Higgins speak at a recent conference in Singapore. The acclaimed author and tax lien specialist expressed his belief that the real estate market has not hit bottom yet. He pointed to first quarter statistics that reflected the worst decline for that time period since 2008. According to Higgins, the problem is still "too many properties, not enough buyers." Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reported $3 billion in losses in the last quarter, clouding the home market even more. He expects housing prices to decline another 7 to 9% by the end of the year.

Higgins said that tax lien certificates remain the one glowing constant, as they are still paying, on average, about 18% interest. Higgins expects the high rate of interest to continue, especially since it is guaranteed by government statutes. He mentioned that he has also developed new strategies within the TLC marketplace, including special opportunities for foreign investors.

Now, with the anticipated "shadow inventory" expected to hit the market, Higgins believes this is the perfect time to build wealth without risk by capitalizing on TLCs and also buying and holding properties.

"Tax lien certificates have been around for nearly 300 years in America," noted Higgins. "Through all types of economic cycles, they have endured as a very reliable vehicle for building wealth, without taking unnecessary risks. That's especially attractive during these volatile times."

During a stopover in Malaysia after the Singapore conference, Higgins also recommended that people take a good, close look at their retirement accounts.

He said that it's important to maintain control over your own account and to learn the different ways that you can make it actively work for you. Higgins noted that his retirement account plays a major role in all of his business activities.

Author of the best-selling book, Wealth Without Risk, Saen Higgins is highly regarded around the world for his real estate investment strategies. Higgins owns and runs a 67-member team of professionals who not only teach others how to build fortunes with tax lien certificates, but also produce millions of dollars in revenues each year by applying the principles they advocate. In addition, he offers the nation's most comprehensive property tax list covering 4.5 million tax sale properties in every county in the nation, available through For more information about Saen Higgins, please visit


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