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Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning Announces Special Offer on Room Cleaning

Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning, a leading cleaning company, has just announced that they are having a special offer on their carpet cleaning services for multiple rooms

Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning, an innovative upholstery cleaning company, based in the New York area, have just announced that they are having a special offer on the carpet cleaning services for multiple rooms. The main element of the offer, which is attracting customers at the moment, is that they are offering to clean the carpets in 3 different rooms for under $100. This is amazing value for money. In addition to this offer, they are allowing customers to add more rooms for under $50 per additional room. They will also deodorize each room for under $25 per room. This means that their customers can have their homes cleaned at affordable rates. Customers can take advantage of this offer by printing the special offer coupon, off the website and giving it to their cleaner when they arrive. The coupon is available on the front page of the website, just above the services menu. If customers email or phone the company to order services, they are encouraged to mention the coupon so that the cleaner knows that they have carpets in multiple rooms, to clean.

Customers that have already taken advantage of this service, have commented that they saw excellent results, with some carpets looking brand new again. They also mentioned that they expected lesser results because they were paying less money, but there was no change in the level of service due to the price. This puts Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning at the forefront of their industry because other companies would do a lesser job if they were paid less. A company spokesperson added, "We are very happy with the success of our special offer on multiple rooms. We believe that this offer makes our services even more affordable than they already are. We hope to add more special offer coupons to the site in the future, but we want to leave the current coupon live, for a few more weeks at least." Due to the success of the special offer coupon, Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning are very busy at the moment, and they hope the busy period will continue through the summer.

About Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning: Royal Carpet and Rug Cleaning are a company who do what it says on the tin, they are a rug and carpet cleaning company. They operate in the areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and New Jersey. They are different from other carpet cleaners because they use organic products to clean the carpets and rugs. They do not use chemicals because they believe they are harmful to the home and to the environment. They are devoted being green and they even have a team devoted to it. They believe that using chemicals on carpets are a quick fix, but the air around the carpet will become contaminated, that is why they use green products. You can visit their website at

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