Romantic, Paranormal Comedy Wins Runner-Up In Largest Author Contest Ever Launched

Author LaRae Parry aka The Crazy Lady becomes a top finalist in the Internet's newest author/book/film competition named the Author's X-Factor with her debut novella romantic comedy, The Danish Pastry, which has already won Author-of-the-Week

New to the world of the Internet, Utah Author, LaRae Parry, wins as a runner-up in the Winner's Circle in a competition developed by MARSocial Author of the Year Competition, and Keeran Vaanie Creations/International Film Producers.

With over 170 entries, Parry's book excerpt zoomed to the top early on and maintained a lead as one of the top ten finalists since the competition's inception in November. Since there were many authors from a variety of countries such as England, France, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Canada, Pakistan, Israel, Australia, Parry was proud to represent the USA.

Social media, Twitter, and the Internet are all new to this budding author as she has spent the last eight years rehabilitating from a devastating medical mishap that landed her on life-support. The doctors in the ICU predicted that she would not live. Parry was happy to prove them wrong by living in spite of them. Although, she had to relearn how to do practically everything--including to read.

It was because of her therapy that she started to write. "The Danish Pastry" is a result of her 'learning to read' therapy. LaRae says of the ordeal, "I'm kind of happy all this happened. Before the ordeal, I was a published artist. I never liked being an artist. Now, I can be an author. I like that much better."

When asked about the competition, Parry says, "I feel very humbled. The authors in this competition were actually helping each other to win! This social media stuff, Twitter, and the Internet has me totally lost. It was just a year ago that I learned a "dashboard" doesn't necessarily have to be in one's car. If it wasn't for the other authors helping me, I'd still be using my land-line and writing The Danish Pastry in long-hand."


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