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Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting, LLC Is An Arizona Company That Specializes in Writing and Editing Services for Technology Companies.

Engineers don't respond to advertising the way most people do. Many copywriters struggle when engineers are their target demographic. Who better to write copy targeting engineers than somebody who thinks they way they do?

Science fiction writer and former engineer Rick Novy had combined the two disciplines in a company called Rick Novy Tech and Copywritng, LLC. Deserved or not, engineers have a reputation for being poor writers, and that causes all kinds of complications when creating marketing materials, journal articles, or white papers.

Rick Novy has fifteen years of engineering experience in the semiconductor industry. He has been writing for just as long, with dozens of short stories sold, and three published novels. This unusual combination provides clients with creativity when they want it, and technical knowledge when they need it.

"This new business is a rare opportunity to provide a service that is not often found in high tech, while at the same time helping the tech sector as a whole. It's very exciting," Novy says. From his research, Novy has discovered this market is under-served and often unaware such a service even exists.

The company has already helped a major tech company clean up a long technical journal article written by a group lackign a native English speaker, and did it with a quick turn-around. Novy is quality conscious and customer focused. "My job is to make you look good," Novy says.

White papers, journal articles, and web copies are of particular interest.

Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting, LLC is an Arizona company that specializes in writing and editing services for technology companies. These activities include journal articles, white papers, and web content.

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Rick Novy
Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting, LLC
Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting, LLC
16211 N. Scottsdale Road A6A #624
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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