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ResourceBoxe Announces New Lead Generation Service Leads-in-a-Boxe

New turnkey lead generation service offers zero hassle and guaranteed customer ROI

ResourceBoxe an innovator in new media marketing, dedicated to remaining on the forefront of social media and content marketing and delivering true customer ROI, today announced the launch of Leads-in-a-Boxe.

This ready to use out of the Boxe turnkey service takes existing client content and collateral to the next level. Using a proven social media and outreach approach, ResourceBoxe creates and captures engaged leads that can be nurtured into real sales by our clients.

Most companies already use collateral to explain their value. The Leads-in-a-Boxe service takes that content and pushes it in front of prospects in the online and social media places where they are already searching. Leads-in-a-Boxe is a completely hassle free program for the client and requires no in-house staff time or ongoing commitment. It scales beautifully, working equally well for a one-man shop or as a complimentary tool within a functioning marketing team.

"Regardless of their size, we are invested in our clients' success, we want them to be more than happy. We are committed to continually re-earn their business. ResourceBoxe is dedicated to delivering leads that are real people, from real companies and with real contact information," said Jim Hunt, president of ResourceBoxe.

Leads-in-a-Boxe allows clients to choose their preferred price and quantity of leads giving them the ability to know their total cost and ROI upfront. Clients can choose to dip their toe in to test the water or jump right in. Guaranteed relevant leads can be purchased in Boxe sizes ranging from 5, 10 or 20 leads-per-boxe.

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