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Reports of All Cases of Loving the Classics Scams Turns Out to Be Untrue and Baseless

The shocking news that took went viral on the online world a few months back has been proved to be false by all leading media portals. All cases reporting Loving the classics scams have turned out to be baseless and untrue.

A few months back the credibility and honesty of a leading online movie store, Lovingtheclassics had become questionable. The news of loving the classics scams had spread across all media portals like jungle fire. People who were patrons of the online movie store, Lovingtheclassics, were shocked and did not know how to react.

But the owners of the online movie store dealt with such a precarious situation with a lot of perseverance. Ultimately the truth had to come out, when these reports of loving the classics scams were investigated properly and deeply all of them were baseless and came from non credible sources. Finally, the company owners of Lovingtheclassics could breathe a sigh of relief as all cases of malicious practises and scams were withdrawn.

It was surprising to see that the reputation of the brand was intact even during the months when such cases of scams and rip off were being reports. People and media portals wondered how the online movie store managed to not let the brand image get tarnished in any way. After the submission of reports by popular media portals and blogging communities it was evident that the company, Lovingtheclassics had been able to build up a strong client base. The customers and patrons of Lovingtheclassics refused to believe in any of the reports saying that company was involved in scams, rip-off or any other kind of malicious practise. It was due to the undying support and trust that was extended to the company, that it was possible for Lovingtheclassics to not let its brand image get harmed in any way.

When we spoke to a few regular customers of Lovingtheclassics, this is what they had to say about all that was going on, on the internet in the past few months:

"I have been regularly ordering movie DVDs from this online movie store and I simply refuse to believe in any kind of news saying that Lovingtheclassics would get involved in dishonest to earn a few extra bucks" stated Rose Smith, a regular customer of the online movie store.

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