Repair Corrupt DBF File Instantly With Repair DBF Tool

FoxPro users can now sit at ease even after the dbf file carrying important data has gone corrupt. This is because repair DBF tool is now in market to allow repairing corrupt dbf file in just few clicks of the mouse.

Foxpro users, who often need to deal with corruption of .dbf file and loss important data stored in the file can now jump with joy, as hereafter there will be no data loss due to dbf corruption. Yes, now is has been made possible to repair dbf file flawlessly in just few seconds through the Kernel for DBF-Repair DBF tool. The tool has been designed keeping the importance of data and simplicity of user interface for better use of the tool in mind. That is why using the tool for recovering the lost data with complete accuracy is quite easy and fast.

The Repair DBF tool has been bombarded with an array of outstanding features due to which it has been considered the best DBF repair tool amid other DBF repair tools available in the market. Mentioned below is a list of the software features:

1.Simplified yet advanced tool for repairing DBF file(s) that has been damaged due to various logical and physical reasons like virus attack, improper system shut down, presence of bad sectors in disk, unrecognized database format, etc.
2.Provides state of the art FoxPro recovery.
3.Repairs multiple DBF files in one go thus saves lot of time that may get wasted when there are number of dbf files to repair one by one.
4.Maintains original formatting of recovered data.
5.Maintains table structure.
6.Supports creating new DBF file at destined location, which can be accessed with any version of FoxPro.
7.Displays preview of the data fetched from the corrupt DBF file.
8.Available for free evaluation.

After the corrupt DBF file is selected, the software starts scanning it, which may take some time depending on the extent of the corruption and file size. Once the scanning process gets completed, the software displays preview of the fetched data using the LIVE PREVIEW technology. Using the software DBF file created with any version of FoxPro can be repaired. For more information

Try it for free

Kernel for DBF- Repair DBF tool is available for free as an evaluation version. The evaluation version does not carry any restriction except that it does not allow saving the recovered data. To save the recovered data, full version of the DBF repair tool must be purchased. However, it displays preview of the recovered data so that the user can verify the quality of recovered data.


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