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Release of a Book Inspired by True Immigration Stories - The Immigration Lawyer: Asylum!

February 115th, 2014- Shah Peerally, an attorney from has released a book called "The Immigration Lawyer: Asylum". The book is the first in the series that addresses the several issues related to immigration law and treatment of immigrants.

Shah Peerally's book, The Immigration Lawyer: Asylum is basically a work of fiction that narrates the story of Ahmad who flees Iraq from the clutches of Iraqi Government and seeks refuge in the US, but ends up finding himself stuck up in a similar situation. It is a story based during the reign of Saddam Hussein, where Ahmed is wrongly suspected by the Iraqi Government of being a CIA agent and is tortured relentlessly. He manages to escape to the US, but while entering California on a valid visa, he is detained on immigration charges and placed under custody. The US Government believes that he is a terrorist.

This book by Shah Peerally is an attempt to address the issues regarding US immigration law and its flaws. In fact, it reflects the sentiments of several immigrants who had to go through the difficult process. Though, this book is a work of fiction, it is more like a guide that perfectly illustrates numerous immigration issues along with the American justice system that always triumphs in the end, especially when those accused are innocent.

"The Immigration Lawyer: Asylum" is currently available on print and Kindle. An audio version will also be released soon!
Series: The Immigration Lawyer

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Shah Peerally was born in Mauritius, a small tropical island situated in Indian Ocean. In the 90's he moved to the US to study law. While studying there he witnessed the sad event of 9/11, which later resulted into resentment of Americans towards the immigrant community. There were several incidents of violence where immigrants were randomly targeted. After the completion of his degree, he laid the foundations of what today is known as Shah Peerally Law Group. The Peerally Law Group deals with the issues that are related to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) & CBP (Customs Border Patrol) under the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). As a lawyer, Shah believes that it his duty to protect innocent immigrants from unnecessary backlash.

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