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Rekhta is a website for urdu lovers and it contains large amount of content related to urdu shayari in urdu, hindi and roman scripts.

The Rekhta Foundation has incepted a website,, with an objective of promoting and spreading awareness about Urdu literature at large and Urdu Poetry to be specific. The site is not only meant for people who can read Urdu but also for people who has no knowledge of Urdu script. The entire website and most its content is available in Devanagari and Roman scripts for those who love Urdu literature but are not conversant with Urdu script.

The website came into being on January 11, 2013 and was launched by the then Communications Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal. Today this site sees traffic from more than 180 countries across the world. However, a major pie of the traffic accounts from India, Pakistan and US compared to other parts of the globe. has recently updated their site with new features that makes navigation easier and pleasant. Along with extensive and powerful internal search engine, the site can be toggled in any script (Urdu, Devanagari, Roman) with just a click. A visitor can find the meaning of any word by just clicking on the word or by using the Dictionary function in the page.

The site also offers audio and video versions of most of the poetries available on the page. The option of listening to an audio (either in poet's own voice or recitation by renowned singer, wherever available) is provided along with the poetry on the very same page. The same can also be accessed through audio/video page or by clicking the Index of Poet tab.

Rekhta has also digitized numerous Urdu literature can be accessed as e-books. The e-book section has content ranging from poetry to travelogues to magazines to documentaries to letters. A new section on Ilm-e-Arooz is also available as new feature. In order to fulfill the thirst of Urdu Literature lovers, complete work of Manto, Ghalib and Mir is present as a special section in the website.

The site finally acknowledges its visitor and takes their review seriously. In order to facilitate user's opinions, the site has a discussion board, critique us and contact us section. Not only user can opine and suggest improvements but can also send works of Urdu literature which they want the Rekhta Foundation to consider and upload in near future.

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