Refreshing New Book Explores Demonic Oppression & Possession as the Real Powers of Addiction

Triumph House Press announces Los Angeles, CA author John Johnson, RAS, CSC, book, Alcoholism, Wrongly Diagnosed, a non-fiction based on a true story about how addiction is not a brain disease, but a demonic power that destroys, body, soul and the sp

Los Angeles, California. Understanding, the true nature of addiction, and the 12-step program not-being as effective, as many believe it to be, is why Triumph House Press author, John E. Johnson set out to pen a book, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, on the hidden and disbelieved powers of addiction, as being demonic,; and the 12-step deceptive presentation, of a higher power and spirituality.

Within the pages of this eye-opening new title, Alcoholism, Wrongly Diagnosed, The Real Reason Why Its So Hard To Break The Cycle of Alcoholism & Drug Addiction, and How to Win, With God's Help, ($15.95, 254pg. paperback, ISBN 978-0-61541-074-6), Author John Johnson, RAS, CSC, will show the reader, the demonic powers of addiction, and how to overcome them, without ever having to attend a single 12-step meeting. Readers will learn the proper and effective way to approach God to defeat these powers of addiction. The book is also designed to help family members of addicts to avoid becoming consumed by the addict's addiction, by providing them with life sustaining suggestions, in turn, engendering hope.

Sharilyn Grayson, Freelance Editor, says Wrongly Diagnosed is an unflinching look at the true nature of addiction. Pastor Johnson gives the reader an inside look at this national tragedy and the path he has found to healing. The book is the work of a refreshingly honest and engaging writer who repays the time you invest in him with substantial hope.

Johnson, a former heroin and cocaine addict of 18 years, with a $300-$400 a day habit, recalls the fateful day, September 21, 1990, when a heroin and cocaine demon was cast out in intercessory prayer. "As the drugs demons were being expelled, they fought violently to stay. As they threw me to the ground, while saying, no-no-no-no, I'm not coming out. I felt this strong sensation of heat tearing through my flesh, as the demons stepped out of my body, leaving me with a peace beyond all understanding." In his (20) years of recovery, he has never had a day of withdrawal, no relapses, no desires or craving to ever use drug again. Out of this experience, the book, Alcoholism, Wrongly Diagnosed is birth.

About the Author:
Johnson in working with many addicts, has acquires a broad knowledge of demonic presence in addiction, and has helped many to be delivered from demonic possession of addiction. He is the co-founder and former Director of the Wings of Healing Alcohol and Drug Program/Ministry in Los Angeles, CA at Greater Bethany Community Church, from 1993-1999. In 19 years counseling addicts and their family members, he has helped many addicts to overcome their alcohol and drug addiction. Johnson is now, an Ordained Pastor, a Registered Addiction Specialist-(alcohol and drug counselor), with Clinical Supervisor Credentials, and an HIV Prevention Counselor. He is now, an Author and the Publisher of Triumph House Press.

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