Refresh Your Car Exhibits New "Scents" of Control

New Car Air Freshener Diffusers Allow Consumers to Regulate How Much - or How Little - Scent is Released

Las Vegas, NV (AAPEX Show -3676) (November 2, 2010) - Everyone knows that person who gets too heavy handed with the cologne or perfume. And just like fragrance can swamp a person and their surroundings, it likewise can overpower a car's environment if left unchecked. Fortunately, Refresh Your Car built its 2011 car air freshener collection with one word in mind: control.
"Automotive fragrances can have the same impact on people as personal scents: too much and they repel people; not enough and they're not worth using," says Dale Erling, the company's marketing director. "With the new Refresh Your Car single-scent diffusers, you get a smoother measured scent release plus full control over precisely how much fragrance you want to share."
Scent diffusers, already popular among the company's dual-scent diffusers, now are available with single scents as well. Refresh Your Car single scents available with the diffusers now include Cucumber Melon, Fresh Linen, Summer Breeze, Very Cherry, Vanilla and New Car Scent.
The company also has expanded its Dual Scent offerings, building on tropical themes. "With the growing popularity of island surf culture, we have added our island-inspired Mango Mandarin/ Pina Colada sent to our fast selling dual scent diffuser." continued Erling. "People who have loved the rich island scent as a vent stick, will find the scent adjustable diffusers a great alternative for a long-lasting fragrance experience."
The company's popular Fresh Strawberry/Cool Lemonade and Very Cherry scents also debut this year in 2.5 oz scented gel and vent stick value packs.
"Feedback from consumers and extensive market research is vital in developing new designs and scent. The response has been fantastic," says Refresh Your Car's resident fragrance guru, Matthew Gallen. "By focusing on the people who use our products every day, HandStands has become the number one car air freshener manufacturer in the mass market." Gallen cites the Symphony IRI Total U.S. Massx 52 Weeks ending 8/10/10, dollar and unit sales.

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