Record Breaking Catch By A Newbie Carp Angler

Carp angler goes to France for the first time and lands the fish of a lifetime. Most carp anglers never catch a carp over 40lb, this angler did it on his very first trip to France.

Carp Anglers from around the globe visit Etang de Villiane for a unique fishing experience. Such is the expectation of the young, 25 year old newbie angler, Lewis, who hails from the USA. As a young and fairly new angler, setting forth to a beautiful lake in France is a great experience. Little did he knew that it would be a remarkable experience, as he together with his family, were able to catch a record breaking 40lb Carp on his very first carp angling.

Carp fishing or angling has been a very popular across the US and Europe where the introduction of carp resulted to an increased number of species that are sometimes considered as pests. Nowadays, carp fishing in France is as popular as with other countries such as the UK. Species of common carp and others have been found around lakes like Etang de Villiane, a popular hotspot for local and international carp anglers.

Etang de Villiane, a lovely venue for fishing is continually opening its doors to passionate anglers who want to enjoy a tranquil and incredible carp fishing experience. The venue consists of a 6 acre stream fed lake and on the background, a dazzling 37 acres of rustic countryside, and a perfect venue for carp fishing. The lake is a picturesque view, filled with willow trees on the side. The lake is an ideal venue for carp with varying depths of about 5 to 12 feet and each section has something extra special for anglers to enjoy. The venue is a perfect location for some exciting carp experience, such a thing that Lewis and his family were able to enjoy during their trip.

Etang de Villiane does not require permits and licenses for anglers to fish. The management has a massive array of options for anglers who want to try their luck to get a great catch. Full night fishing is permissible while there is a full range of services and packages that one can take advantage of. The facilities at by the lake include a toilet and shower venue and supplies like tackles. Food is also available but should be called for in advance.

The 40lb carp that Lewis managed to catch is just one of the many challenging catches that both newbie's and experts can take advantage of. Carp sizes at Etang de Villiane can reach up to 70lbs while catfish sizes can reach up to 70lbs. The services offered in the area are very convenient for those who like to focus on the fishing. Services range from Bronze, Silver and Gold packages with included 1 week fishing, tackles, food and chauffeur service (gold). Additional facilities are also available upon request to provide anglers a luxury experience while carp fishing in France.

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Etang de Villiane is a unique carp fishing venue that offers a unique array of services to appeal to the needs of anglers who like to focus on the full fishing experience. A well established fishing environment, the venue contains the best facilities to benefit both novice and professional anglers traveling to France.


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