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The News Funnel brings to its subscribers news feeds and news related to real estate through an easy to read user interface that has been aggregated from thousands of media sources.

The latest at The News Funnel is that it is bringing tailored real estate news in the form of news feeds to its customers. Real estate is one dynamic area where demand and supply need to be closely watched before one tries to make an investment. Founded in the year 2011, The News Funnel works towards providing business professionals with content in the real estate industry. The website claims to gather all the news related to trade and information from trusted sources in the respective industries and provide the same as custom feed to its customers unique to the geographic markets.

When contacted regarding the kind of benefits that the real estate news feeds would bring in to the subscribers, the spokesperson for The News Funnel replied, "Our main aim is to help our subscribers save heavily on time when searching for commercial real estate or real estate otherwise. Through our feeds, you will receive only relevant ones and not be flooded with mails on a daily basis. We provide real time updates through our feeds and also have professionals who are equipped well with information that can be shared with our customers as and when needed."

Headquartered in NYC, The News Funnel is the brainchild of Mr. Michael Beckerman who has been a veteran in the public relations industry. The site claims to offers services so that people do not get overwhelmed with the choice that is available outside and take a decision that would reap positive benefits in the future.

The subscriber does not have visit numerous websites or sift through the emails in order to procure real estate information. The company provides all the information in one single go based upon the geographic location of the subscriber. The subscription to The News Funnel is absolutely free.

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