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Reading Between The Sheets: How To End Your Sex Wars!

Popular author and relationship expert Dr. Jamie Turndorf will be presenting "The Battle of the Bulge: How to End Your Sex Wars by Reading Between The Sheets" on Ask Dr Love Radio April 1st.

Dr. Turndorf, renowned relationship expert and creator the Web's premier relationship advice Website, is now broadcasting her popular free advice column via live Internet Radio.

Having answered thousands of relationship, dating, and sex questions on for the past eighteen years, she says of her new show: "While I love blogging and answering people's questions on my web site, I've also like to be able to reach out and speak to them directly in real time. I've been on and had my own broadcast radio shows in the past, but with Internet Radio people can tune in anywhere they can get on the Web. And the shows are archived as Podcasts and can be listened to later. This allows me to broaden the reach of my mission and help more people foster healthy loving relationships."

During every AskDrLove Radio show, Dr. Turndorf shares her relationship communication and conflict resolution techniques, answers recent advice questions submitted to, and takes questions and comments from live callers. On this week's show she'll be discussing what she calls the "Sex Wars" couples engage in that undermine and ultimately destroy relationships. Known to coin an apropos and often tongue-in-cheek or humorous phrase to identify relationship problems and her methodology for dealing with them, she'll be sharing what she calls her "Reading Between the Sheets" technique to uncover and resolve the actual issues that are fueling your intimacy arguments.

"Millions of couples can't put their intimacy arguments to bed. This is because these disputes have a habit of masking other, deeper issues. It's common for couples to play out nonsexual battles in the bedroom. While hitting each other below the belt may get your rocks off in the short run, on the rocks is where your relationship is gonna end up! Fasten your seatbelts (not your chastity belts!) for an exciting evening!" she said describing her upcoming show.

Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D., is the author of the critically acclaimed "Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By-Step Guide for Resolving Relationship Conflict" and "Make Up Don't Break Up: Dr. Love's 5-Step Plan for Reconciling with Your Ex." She first launched in 1996, and after nearly two decades of tirelessly answering users questions for free, the now site boasts the Web's oldest and largest archive of thousands of advice columns on every imaginable relationship, marriage, dating, or sex issue. Her advice columns have been published on the Web and in magazines nationally and worldwide, including iVillage, WebMD, Psychology Today,, Cosmopolitan, Men's health, and many others. She is often a featured consultant and expert on television and radio, having appeared on CNN, Fox News, Inside Edition, and more.

To find out how to end your Sex Wars and increase or restore intimacy in your love life, tune in regularly to Ask Dr Love Radio at The link for this upcoming show is: AskDrLove Radio is a one hour show starting at 9pm (EST) every Tuesday night. You can call-in from anywhere using any kind of phone, including Skype, while the number to call is published on the site's Web page and announced during the show. You can find archived shows on BlogTalkRadio and on iTunes. You can follow her at and on Twitter @ask4drlove.

If you're an individual or couple who'd like to be pre-scheduled to be on the show to discuss your Sex Wars or other issues, send an inquiry with your contact email and a short summary of your situation to the contact address below, or visit and fill out the contact form there.

Dr.Tundorf's advice and techniques will improve your love and sex life whether or not you're having problems -- but if you are -- be sure to tune in and even call in to Ask Dr Love Radio and get help from one of today's top relationship experts! As she characteristically says: 'If you want love to rule, never use sex as a payback tool!"

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