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Rap Beats for Sale to Push-start Every Hip Hop Artist's Rhythmic Impact from specializes in creating industry quality rap or hip hop beats, and selling them to hip hop enthusiasts with hardcore rap instrumentals.

Over the years, rap music has been dominating the global music charts. Often tagged as the genre for all ages with a hint of relevance, rap beats are distinctively attention-drawing, and comes with an inimitable vibe. With more and more rap artists making it in the music scene, knowing how to make rap beats and selling them can prove to be a lucrative business.

Renowned producers such as Dr. Dre can sell beats for millions, but these days, composing a fine hit may not be too difficult, thanks to a wide range of advanced music technologies that even the modest music studios can own. creates rap beats for sale, mainly serving the hip hop market of artists who specialize in hardcore rap instrumentals. People who buy beats in bulk at can acquire as many as 8 more for free, and earn much as $100 in savings. With thousands of different producers in the industry charging anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 for beats, offers topnotch hip-hop beats competitively.

Satisfied customer Marcus Majorz says about "Beats are crazy good production, radio and industry ready and a perfect investment for the serious artist looking to advance their career with radio ready music."

In terms of licensing, buyers of Leasing Rights gain the right to sell up to 2,000 units with that beat. License buyers are allowed to do up to 3 shows with a basic lease as long as the artist's revenue from the show is less than $10,000. With leasing rights, is still allowed to re-sell the beat as many times until the exclusive rights are sold. The basic untagged Mp3 is included with the purchase. notes that buying exclusive rights is probably the best route for those artists who can fork up the budget. With exclusive rights, beat buyers gain the right to do unlimited shows, sell unlimited units and even receive all the individual files upon request. Once exclusive rights are sold, those beats are not sold or given away by the company.

To learn more about the rap beats for sale at, please visit for information.

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