PSD To Joomla - Joomla Chosen Over Drupal Conversion By CNP Integrations

In a webinar hosted by CNP Integrations to discuss the migration process of a Drupal portal to Joomla CMS, the company has highlighted on the advanced features offered by Joomla and its advantages over Drupal.

In a webinar held recently in the United States, on the shifting of a Drupal portal to Joomla Content Management System, CNP Integrations has offered an insight in the process of content reformation and data transformation highlighting the fact that Joomla is much more secure than Drupal and offers a set of advanced features that Drupal lacks.

During the webinar, the project manager for CNP, Jonathan Neubauer cited a case study from an organization called Truth Out organization, which is the first organization till date to make a shift from Drupal conversion to Joomla. The organization no doubt, handles and administers a huge number of portals that contain huge archives of content and heavy traffic, but since Joomla CMS offers secure and updated versions, supported by a huge development community, the organization has decided to shift its Drupal driven portals to Joomla with a set of advanced and enhanced features. Christopher Nielsen, the CEO of CNP Integrations says that Joomla customization is easy to manage even by a non-technical person and hence, its demand is more than any other open source CMS. Easy to install, cost effective and flexible Joomla themes makes it a perfect CMS to serve the need of a small, mid or big size businesses.

Emphasizing on the effective data migration from Drupal to Joomla, the webinar also underlined the requirements for configuring a Joomla Content Management System. Also, unveiling the new features like customized multi-authored capabilities, previews, etc. especially built for data migration from Drupal portals to Joomla CMS, the webinar also highlighted that web developers across the world too believe PSD to Jhoomla conversion is much more easier and cleaner than Drupal conversion.

About CNP Integration:
CNP Integrations, the business wing of Creative Networks Protocol Inc. a Massachusetts based organization is one of the world's leading web solution providers that specializes in providing excellent support for Joomla CMS. With an engaging team of global leaders and technical experts, the company aims at providing the best services in interactive web application support for Joomla and other such technologies. The wing has crafted many success stories to its credit.


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