PSD To Joomla Customization Gets A Boost With Joomla 1.6

Joomla 1.6 is the new version of Joomla CMS with extended features having more appeal than Joomla 1.5.

Joomla has just released their new version with an extension 1.6 having new extended features and add-ons. As a highly popular content management system (CMS) along with Drupal and WordPress, Joomla's new version 1.6 has been successfully launched in the market. Joomla controls 11% of the total CMS market and powers 2% of the web worldwide. From their newly released version for Joomla the package version is expected to be even more powerful and user -friendly. Joomla has integrated a number of new add-on capabilities and which make the developer work easier. PSD to Joomla and Joomla conversions offer the best website design and with new released Joomla 1.6 the big features make the version outstanding.

Template styles, a number of different versions of the same template can be executed for the designs of website from this big feature from Joomla. This can be easily applied to the section and specific pages of a website.

Better media manager, the content manager is expectedly more efficient with multiple file uploads.

Package installation feature, the developer can gain from a single package while installing multiple extensions within the same time period.

Template and layout overrides, changing the dynamic proficiency for a website includes enhancing override option for menus and modules that are minute aspects of a website.

New access control system, user manager has been replaced with newer version for Access Control List. This list includes the granular control and offers user permissions to other website aspects.

One click extension updates, Joomla now has an auto update feature tool and inbuilt plugin manager.

Joomla 1.6 with all these features for new website design is expected to provide greater strength to the new website designs where this is simpler and easy to integrate large scale sites for the users. Customizing and changing the aspects to website faster and on a smaller scale than before Joomla 1.6 is gaining over other CMSes and older versions also. The software has become more snappy and with faster performance over the years as generally thought over older Joomla 1.5. Joomla template and customization from PSD to Joomla based conversions with websites development and designs are now more sought after with new release Joomla 1.6.


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