Provider of Harley Davidson, Ford and Jack Daniels Lifestyle Products Implements SupeRep™ for NetSuite

Following the successful implementation at the recent Harley Davidson trade show, Ace Branded Products (ABP) plans to integrate its other leading brands into SupeRep for NetSuite.

WRNTY, the fastest-growing provider of mobile sales apps for manufacturing, wholesale and retail, announces that following the successful implementation at the recent Harley-Davidson trade show, Ace Branded Products (ABP) plans to integrate its other leading brands into SupeRep™ for NetSuite.

ABP is an official licensee of Harley-Davidson®, Ford, Mossy Oak®, and Jack Daniel's® and provides them with home decor, gifts and collectibles, glassware, and unique packaging solutions. Its sales team had been taking sales orders manually, experiencing all the problems inherent in a paper-based solution. Management sought an automated system for the January 2014 Harley Davidson event.

ABP had several requirements. First and foremost, the solution had to be easy to implement. They also wanted the capability of entering a customer's PO number; assigning tiered pricing; implementing special offers; obtaining customers' signatures on the iPad; defining shipment addresses; and tagging orders automatically in NetSuite. Lastly, it had to be able to work with multiple countries and price lists to service their global market.

Implementation was straightforward and within the first ten minutes of the show, ABP's sales reps had already taken 20 orders - after having tried out the app for just a short time the night before. "Our sales team found it very easy to use and it also saved us a week's worth of the administrative work we used to deal with after a show," says Michelle Lubinski, Director of Marketing at ABP. "More importantly, the feedback from our customers was overwhelmingly positive. SupeRep streamlined the entire sales process and maximized our time with each dealer by providing a more professional customer experience."

Special offers are implemented using SupeRep's cross-selling and upselling capabilities, which helps to sell slow-moving stock, and updated prices are reflected in NetSuite. "Reps simply scroll through the catalog to see items with their new prices," says Ron Bloom, President of ABP.

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