Proudly Announcing Booktoots' Healing as Being Listed as One of the Best TKR Blogs of 2014.

Sharing news about my blog being listed as one of the best by Healthline health-related publishing company.

For the second consecutive year, I am proud to announce that my blog Booktoots' Healing has been listed as one of the Best Knee Replacement Blogs 2014 by

Healthline's slogan is "The Power of Intelligent Health." All of its content is medically and editorially reviewed, relevant, and of the highest integrity.

Booktoots' Healing currently has over 260,000 readers and is one of the most popular total knee replacement blogs online. I am proud to report my blog has been around for over 6.5 years, which is no small feat in the blogging community.

I am honored to have my blog included in the same category of respectable blogs including the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, BoneSmart, University of Washington Medicine Valley Medical Center, Knee, Orthopaedics, Arthritis Connect, and Medline Plus.

The editorial staff at Healthline describes the TKR blogs in the following manner: "We tend to forget how valuable our knees are until they need some help. But doctors aren't the only ones who care for knee health. These award-winning blogs prove that patients love knees too.

For in-depth stories about whole-body healing and TKR, check out the Booktoots' Healing blog. Author MarieB has written thousands of articles over the years. She started this blog as part of her healing process after undergoing a TKR surgery in 2008.
Booktoots' Healing has proved so popular that fans have asked to MarieB to write books about her experiences. One very helpful book is the 32-page e-book, "TKR Pre-Op." It's packed with everything you need to know before surgery."

"I started my blog as a way to feel less isolated while recuperating from my total knee replacement surgery. No one in "real life" seemed to understand what I was going through. So, I started writing about it," Marie Buckner explains. My mission is to let others know they are not alone in their tkr recuperation ordeal. My readers and I share experiences, emotional concerns, and support throughout my site. Everyone shares their experiences in a supportive and informative manner."

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