Prophecy Expert Sees Israel - Iran War before May 2010

Rumors across religious sectors warn of possible escalation of total war between Israel and Iran before May 2010. Visionary warns mankind about to suffer the chastisement foretold in prophecy related to the Third Secret of Fatima.

A chilling revelation claiming that the Israel - Iran conflict will erupt into a full scale war, possibly nuclear war, is sending jitters across some Catholic groups. The source of this ominous prophecy is a certain Duke Puntalangit, a Filipino visionary. Allegedly, Puntalangit has specified that the Middle East crisis will eventually lead to full military confrontation before the month of May this year.

The visioary claims that he has been observing the present crisis between Israel and Iran for years. He said that the overall global scenario has fulfilled ancient prophecies, specifically those related to the contents of the Third Secret of Fatima. According to Puntalangit,the upcomming Middle East war will e ventually push the world economy to its worst. He further warned that the US economy will be greatly affected by this war and will never recover again until the celestial purging comes.

Mr. Puntalangit's claims seems to be gaining followers from within Traditional Catholic groups. The visionary is from the Philippines, a nation composed of eighty-five percent Catholics and deeply devoted to the Virgin Mary.

Incidentally, according to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI is heading for Fatima, Portugal this May. Puntalangit says it is possible that Pope Benedict XVI has foreseen or perhaps been warned of the possible escalation of violence this year. Hence, the visionary said, the Pope will go to Fatima to pray there before the Virgin of Fatima who appeared in 1917 warning of a future world war that will annihilate several nations.

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