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Proofread My Essay Offers High-End Academic Proofreading Services

Proofread MY Essay delivers a proofreading and formatting service to students, business clients and academics.

One of the pioneers in the field of academic proofreading services, 'Proofread My Essay', offers world-class academic proofreading services to native, ESL and dyslexic students. Headquartered in Victoria, Seychelles, the company has been serving the academic fraternity since 2009 and has earned a comprehensive clientele.

The company delivers a proofreading and formatting service to students, business clients and academics. The company has also been offering their services to aspiring students, job applicants, and struggling writers, enabling them to achieve their goals.

The company specialises in academic proofreading and editing. Given the competitive academic ecosystem and dynamic scholastic trend, it is imperative nowadays to produce perfect and error-free academic literature for the desired results. Due to its high-end proofreading services, the company has witnessed a sharp rise in the volume of customers seeking bespoke, unique, and excellent formatting and academic proofreading services.

There are several students that have excellent knowledge and in-depth understanding of the subject matter but who lack the confidence and language to express it clearly in simple written English. For such students, trying to come to terms with the formatting features of MS Word can also be quite daunting and often may lead to bad grading. Proofread My Essay helps such students to gain up to as much as 10% extra in their marks.

The company boasts a well-qualified and expert team of proofreaders with the potential to guarantee a 12 hour return time via their express service. This team consists of highly experienced and professional proofreaders, all of whom hold PhD or Master's degrees. These proofreaders are handpicked through a rigorous assessment program. The team at Proofread My Essay works 24/7 to ensure that each single customer is delivered their required document tailored to his or her specifications.

Kiran Chauhan, founder of Proofread My Essay says: "I am happy with the successful inception of our proofreading services! It all started when we realized that several students were unaware of the right procedure for proofreading and that they often lacked the desired expertise. Our proofreading solutions have been extremely helpful to Master's students who are writing their dissertations. Having an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and the expertise to put it down in the form of a thesis in simple and correct written English are two altogether different things! The process of writing a dissertation is so long that, at times, students get overtired and overworked. That's where our proofreading services come to the rescue and become a rewarding solution, helping them to sail through their work".

Proofread My Essay has been considered as a one-stop-solution for thousands of students struggling to draft their essays in line with the university standards and grammar rules. The company has been valued as one of the most cost-effective service providers without compromising its quality of service.

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Proofread My Essay offers a versatile, flexible online proofreading service, available to anyone who wishes to improve and enhance his or her written English. They specialise in academic proofreading, and are experts when it comes to proofreading ESL documents. The business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so new and old clients alike have the freedom to upload their work at the time that is most convenient to them. For more information regarding the company and their services, please go to

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