ProofHub Allows Instant and Better Communication Through Group Chats

In its latest updates, ProofHub announced the addition of group chat to promote collaboration among teams

Effective communication is very important part for the smooth functioning of any business. It allows for creativity in the workplace, improves the quality of employees' work, and also fosters healthy and productive relationships among co-workers. And, due to the lack of it, work suffers, tasks delays and projects may go off track.

In this new age, instant messaging is the most preferred medium for real-time collaboration across teams, departments or projects. To provide customers a more personalized channel for group communication to ask questions, exchange information, seek advice or simply discuss any issue with their peers, over and above discussions and one-on-one chats, ProofHub introduces group chat.

The move is a great step towards strengthening team collaboration and coordination. Group chats make sure that everyone in the company is aligned by shrinking distances & time, increasing innovation and creativity, improving decision making and strengthening team bonding. It gives teams a chance to keep all of their communication in one place, so that it is easy to refer later. Being native, group chat does not hamper your workflow while you are engaged in a group chat with multiple people at once. Further to that, it sparks productive and fun-filled conversations that would make any company an exciting place to work at.

"ProofHub's group chat allows teams to communicate effectively with each other as if they were in the same room. By using the group chat, multiple people can participate in a conversation simultaneously and a backup of chat history gets created for future reference as well. It allows people to stay connected with their teams and clients regardless of their location. And being inbuilt, it never disrupts your workflow when you are added in any group chat." commented team ProofHub on the launch.

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