Professional Visual Studio Debugger Becomes Free For Open Source Projects

IntelliEgg releases IntelliDebugger 1.2, a smart plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio that significantly simplifies both typical and more in-depth debugging.

Even the major software titles are often flawed by program errors. Degradation of performance, data loss, security breaches - these are the most dangerous consequences of software bugs. And while all development frameworks provide decent debug capabilities, sometimes they cannot offer enough simplicity for a developer to track all the issues in minimum time.

IntelliDebugger, a debug plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio makes easiness of use a cornerstone of its functionality. By undertaking most of typical routine tasks every programmer deals with, it helps save a lot of time on debugging of both unmanaged C++ and managed C# code. With IntelliDebugger, a developer enjoys such nifty options as Variable Snapshot to store variable values at any given time and recall them later, comparison of variable values (with the support for complex objects and arrays too), and an ability to limit break exceptions with the current Visual Studio solution only.

The new version 1.2 adds some more cool features to help the coder. For example, advanced smart search allows instantly finding a particular variable or a field with the given value or naming. Previously, locating a certain array elements that meet some search criteria would require to open every element manually and checking all its fields one by one.

IntelliDebugger 1.2 is also announced to support Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, and is provided for free for Open Source projects and MVPs. At this time IntelliDebugger 1.2 is a beta, and developers are gathering user feedback and suggestions.

Pricing and availability
IntelliEgg is available for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. The cost of a personal license is $29, while a commercial license costs $49. All licenses include one year of free technical support and software updates.

IntelliEgg was founded in 2012. The idea of the company is to provide intellectual, smart and comfortable tools to developers. With its first product, IntelliDebugger, the company delivers powerful debug capabilities straight into Visual Studio.

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