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Professional Athletes Can Rebound Reputation Management Service Offered by MenSagam

MenSagam Technologies launches program which offers tools and resources to maintain a positive public brand image for professional sports athletes.

MenSagam Technologies is an online reputation management and digital marketing firm based in Chennai, India and offers professional athletes with a wide range of potential tools for dealing with negative press.

The firm offers expert guidance to scrap the potentially damaging effects of negative media coverage and rumours that are spread virally over the internet. Through its multi-channel reputation management approach, which includes media relations, crisis management, content creation and social media optimization, MenSagam Technologies provides athletes from the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and more with the resources they need to establish and sustain a positive image to the public eye.

"Athletes face a high level of scrutiny in the news media, as well as on blogs, social media and online forums," said Rajendira Prasad, founder and chief strategist of MenSagam Technologies. "A single rumour can quickly become a viral scandal within hours. This can be a big danger to an athlete's career and can work mayhem to their private lives and personal relationships. We supply tools and advice in which activities the athletes need to minimize - and even reverse - the damage done to their reputations by negative publicity."

The world of professional sports delivers some special challenges concerning reputation management. Compared to other public figures like career politicians, musicians or actors, professional athletes are encompassed as role models by the media.

MenSagam Technologies provides athletes with proven strategies for handling bad press, giving them a strategy to answer the media about their damaging rumours or negative reports. The team works out this by carrying out a proven combination of reputation assessments, content monitoring and alerts, privacy issues management, trademark protection and more.

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