Privilege Trading Opens Up New Opportunities for CIS Citizens

Privilege trading announces the special proposition for CIS citizens, offering the possibility to invest in American securities. This happened due to the founding of European department, which provides this service now.

What is interesting about this offer? The thing is that the current market situation up to now did not give enough opportunities for CIS citizens to invest in the USA stock market. This was a consequence of many disagreements and essential differences in legislation systems of countries involved in deals, as well as of insignificant interest of American companies to CIS securities market.

Taking into account a low volume of attractive deals, all the risks and issues between countries regulators did not give chances to an active development in that direction. Speaking of American system, for instance, most of the financial institutions and other significant structures get organized into associations or self-regulatory organizations, based on internal control.

The members themselves control the work of the colleagues; and the state performs supervision functions only. Switching to a similar system instead of licensing is planned to be realized in Russia. It aims the simplification of various economic sectors regulation, as well as increasing of investment attractiveness. The developing countries started to improve their legal systems by means of approved international mechanisms for reliability assurance of investment deals. Trade turnover growth started to attract investors, who had not considered local markets at all previously.

Then financial companies also showed their interest in potential new directions. Thus the possibility of investing money in the USA securities by CIS citizens became natural for investment brokers, who ensured the supply under conditions of incipient demand. Privilege trading expansion of services will help to reach a significant audience of financiers, who will get a chance to diversify risks.

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