Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Provides Wear Resistant Castings to OEM Firms

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. manufactures wear resistant castings for the supply of pump parts to original equipment manufacturers Yeomans and Pentair.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. supplies high-chrome abrasion-resistant iron pump parts like casings, suction elbows, suction liners, impellers, and suction covers for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Yeomans Chicago Corporation and Pentair Pump Group. The quality wear resistant castings are crafted at Wabi’s Foundry Division that specialises in services like electrical discharge machining as well as static and dynamic balancing.

Yeomans Chicago Corporation was acquired by Groundfos Holding in 2008 and has since been primarily involved in the waste water and sewage markets. Wabi is supplying parts for two of their pumps: the Morris 7100 and the Morris 6100 CT. The Morris 7100 is a large pump that is engineered to handle storm water collection, waste water, and treatment systems. A rigorous heat resistant casting is used by Wabi to provide essential parts such as impellers and casings to ensure that the Morris 7100 continues to operate smoothly and vibration-free.

The Morris 6100 CT, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant pump capable of handling solids in sewage. It is famed for its durability and its optimized mechanical and hydraulic features as well as its cost-saving efficiency. It makes use of a cut-type impeller which is more energy- and cost-efficient than other recessed impellers.

In addition to these solutions, Wabi is supplying the Pentair Pump Group with parts for their dewatering solutions in various industries like fuel, industrial power, and mining.

Wabi’s Foundry Division produces pump parts, heat-resistant castings, and liners using over 100 metal alloys specified to the requirements of custom orders from OEM clients. The Engineering and Design department also helps ensure the quality of products and provides various metallurgy and chemistry solutions.

More information about wear resistant castings and pump parts is available at www.WabiCorp.com.

About Wabi Iron & Steel Corp.

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. was founded in the year 1907 with the goal of becoming the premier manufacturer of loading and conveyance systems and abrasion-resistant castings for the mining industry. Since then, the company has evolved into one of the most trusted manufacturers in multiple major markets like Canada and the United States as well as South America and Mexico. Wabi operates two divisions dedicated to crafting quality products: the Mining Equipment Division and the Foundry Division.


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About Wabi Iron & Steel Corp

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Founded in 1907, Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. has evolved into a leading manufacturer of loading and conveyance systems for the mining industry and one of North America's premier producers of general.

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