VV Mineral Wants To Grow And Watch India Grow With It

Started with a small investment and sustained with integrity over years, VV Minerals is now India's first and largest private entity operating as a fully-integrated Miner

Processor and Exporter of heavy minerals (such as Garnet, Ilmenite, Rutile, Zircon and Leucoxene) as well as value-added products.

The company also enjoys the global market position of a leading Garnet producer. VV Mineral maintains this stance through the help of many hands. They are currently supported by 50,000 working professional and skilled labourers.

Owing to its outstanding success in the field of heavy mineral mining it has also managed to land an IMS certification.

They currently operate in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and are positively looking forward to expanding to neighbouring states. In fact the young MD of the heavy mineral mining company is even positive that they will expand to other countries as well. "VV Minerals has grown up to now be a conglomerate and is called VV Group with small and large investments in Agro, Cements, Chemicals, Sugars, and much more.

Having been in the heavy mineral mining industry for over two decades this company that has just stepped out its teen years, sure has a lot of the knowledge of the Indian mining-friendly terrain. India has a coastline of 7,500 kilometres and only 50 kilometres can be utilised for beach mineral mining. India is also home to some of the largest mineral resources and VV Minerals is spinning gold for the country by utilising and upscaling these gifts of nature.

Despite having mined on the coasts of India for 2 decades, VV Minerals still belives that the potential of Indian soils is underutilized due to lack of awareness regarding the processes and benefits of this industry.

VV Mineral has many a times needed to hinder their growth plans because of the policy bottlenecks within the country. However, they are entirely supportive of the heavy regulation attached to working in this industry.

VV Minerals is glad that they have managed to recognise the least exploited resources within India and have managed to bring on a progressive perspective on the industry. India has a high potential to meet the world's immediate need for Titanium dioxide pigments, blasting abrasives and refractory minerals.

The world has been loaded with 460 million tonnes of the world's known resources and our motherland India possesses 278 million tonnes. These deposits contain 20-30 percent heavy minerals, which is considered high grade by world standards.

Heavy Mineral Mining is important not just for the economy of the country but also to bring about a renewal in the resources. Just as farming changes the mineral contents of the soil, so does mining. Mining raises the possibilities in which the land will further mature.

As almost everything used in modern homes requires heavy minerals in some form or the other during their manufacturing process, VV Mineral has really managed to exploit this niche industry and make a deserving mark for themselves.


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